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Predictive Leak Modeling Software Implementation

Undeniably one of the hottest topics in the industry and where mistakes are the costliest. WH Consulting had designed strategies to minimize your risk before an Enforcement inspection, during an enforcement inspection, and subsequently defending the NOV complaint lodged by the USEPA.

WH Consulting has teamed up with sealing specialists to tackle the most difficult of compliance problems providing site-specific immediate stop-gap solutions to the most difficult problems that continuously plague the entire industry. One Consultation equals instant relief.

BWON Auditing.

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BWON GAP Assessments

Do you know what problems you have in the field? More importantly, do you know how to mitigate them? You can spend a lot of money and end up with the same problems. Honestly, that might be the norm. Be abnormal spend a little time with us and let us show you the path to true compliance without breaking the bank.

BWON Field Applicability and Implementation

All too often agreements are made in the office across a desk while simultaneously creating logistical nightmares out in the field. Oh, and the nightmare has become a law for you to adhere to for the next 7 years at a minimum. One consultation and we can work with your legal team and environmental group to leverage true compliance with real-life implementation. Spending money where you achieve maximum reductions in emissions.

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