Our Strengths

WH Consulting has partnered with Smith Analytical to offer real-time ambient air testing for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and total xylenes (m+p), or more commonly known as BTEX, at our mobile testing laboratory. The analytical equipment on our mobile van for emission testing can measure from Parts per Trillion (ppt) up to elevated Parts per Billion (ppb) levels.

The mobile testing laboratory can also house a host of other configurations for air monitoring to dial into the exact particulate you are looking for.

This cutting-edge equipment for air toxicity monitoring is subjected to frequent calibration checks, EPA Performance Specification 9, and EPA Method 15 Line Loss Testing requirements, thus, ensuring you the most accurate outcomes every time.

Our mobile testing laboratory is among the handful of state-of-the-art vehicles in the US for emission data analytics. The field data it collects is made available to our clients via a REAL-TIME data link. In addition, all analysis results are maintained in a Data Acquisition System (DAS) located in the mobile testing van. The mobile testing laboratory adheres to the most stringent quality assurance and quality control standards in the industry when it comes to data reporting and sample handling for all known contaminants, including BTEX and greenhouse gases.

Our mobile laboratory is best suited for performing site assessments for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and clean-up initiatives, such as methane mitigation, which require a fast to an immediate turnaround. While it has historically been utilized in distant places where getting samples to the testing facility may be difficult, our mobile laboratory is equally useful in metropolitan areas. When hours count, our rapid response services will be critical to meeting your project’s tight deadlines.

Our work in numbers

Benzene Limit – EPA Refinery 325A/B
Toluene limited – OSHA 15-min STEL
Ethylbenzene limit – OSHA 15-min STEL
Total Xylenes limit – OSHA 15-min STEL

We have qualified professionals specialized in emission testing, air quality audit analysis, emission reduction, and air compliance. Our team is known for installing, calibrating, and maintaining some of the world’s most complex equipment. Our analyzer technicians come from different sectors, including refining, petrochemical, and manufacturing, and possess several years of diverse experience in process control and environmental compliance.