Our Methane/VOC Mitigation System (MVMS) is a fraction of the cost of plugging, with measurable results on every wellhead it is installed on.

Methane emission (CH4) is known to be nearly ninety times more potent than carbon dioxide and is a leading cause of climate change. With a chemical makeup that harnesses heat, methane is a major contributor to the global changes in weather we see today

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is often entrained in methane gas and escape in the same path out of sources like abandoned wellheads (estimated to be over three million in the US alone). These emissions in the US are estimated to be as much as seven million metric tons per year.

VOC emissions from petroleum refineries and chemical industrial plants are mostly caused by leaky equipment, such as valves, pumps, compressors, and connections. VOCs can be hazardous to workers and also contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, a key component of smog.

This lack of contaminant has been linked to the development or aggravation of respiratory illness, especially in youngsters and the elderly. Along with plant employees, the surrounding population is significantly impacted by long-term exposure to hazardous air pollutants caused by leaky or abandoned equipment.

Leaking VOCs will also result in increased operating expenses as a dire consequence of the loss of valuable resources. The US EPA requires the use of portable VOC detection instruments to detect VOC leakage from process equipment.

 Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutant (VHAP) is not believed to be entrained in methane/VOC emissions. As a result of our research conducted in conjunction with Smith Analytical, we now know that some of these abandoned wellheads contain harmful VHAP emissions that are regulated by the US EPA as well as various state agencies across the US.

Our Methane/VOC Mitigation System (MVMS) can destroy CH4, VOC, and VHAP emissions from abandoned oil and gas wellheads at a ninety-nine percent rate on average, effectively providing a viable solution to the costly plugging strategies deployed today.

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